Psychological issues

We provide adults and children with a range of services to help them overcome psychological issues.

Our usual approach is to carry out a free 15 minute private and confidential telephone consultation to identify what the best pathway of care would be.

We have a fantastic team that offer clinics at our main site in Tynemouth and as well as our other clinics across Newcastle upon Tyne and the North East. As such we offer help for a variety of psychological issues, including:

Adjustment & Life Events

These are mental health issues that arise following a big change in your life, whether that is expected or unexpected. The issues relate to how you deal with these changes and adapt to life after.

Family & Relationships

These are issues that are related to your family or the relationships in your life and could be affecting your mental health. For whatever reason they may be causing you challenges that require intervention and possibly resolution.


Health & Body Image

These are mental health issues either relating to your physical health or to the way you look. The toll of an illness may be affecting your mental wellbeing or mental health issue that is affecting your physical wellbeing.

Mood Disorders

These are psychological issues that predominantly affect your mood. They have a negative impact on how you feel either so frequently or considerably that you feel you need help to combat and overcome this issues.


These are psychological issues to do with how the brain functions. These issues may impact your ability to go about your life and therefore require support.


These are psychological issues that occur as a result of a traumatic life experience. These experiences had such a profound affect that they continue to cause you problems with your mental health.

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