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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT is a type of talking therapy which stems from the belief that the way you think about situations affects how you feel and act towards them. Three main elements: cognition (thinking), feeling (emotion) and action (behaviour) interacting together form the basis of this therapy.

CBT aims to make you aware of your thoughts and thought patterns. Whereas other treatments might focus on dealing with the past events, CBT helps unravel how your day-to-day thoughts affect how you feel and act.

CBT focuses on identifying troublesome patterns of thinking, to subsequently rectify the feelings and behaviour of an individual. For instance, if you perceive a situation negatively, you might feel and behave similarly towards it. CBT helps identify these patterns of thinking to impact and improve how you feel and behave by teaching you various coping techniques.


CBT Specialists

CBT enables you to become aware of negative thinking patterns which reinforce distorted thinking. At Select Psychology, we have a team of reliable, experienced and professional therapists who are fully accredited and registered experts in CBT.

This includes Clinical Psychologists, Counselling Psychologists and Cognitive Behavioural Therapists. Visit our team page to find out more about our team of therapists.

CBT is available across our locations and online for those who are further away or prefer this method.

If you would like to learn more about our therapists who have expertise in CBT, you can book a free consultation today with our client pathway team to assess your requirements or contact us to start the conversation.



Cognitive behavioural therapy or “CBT” is based on the idea that how we think (cognition), how we feel (emotion), and how we act (behaviour) all interact together. It can make sense of overwhelming problems in a positive way by breaking them down into smaller parts.

Having CBT as part of talking therapy can help you to identifying cycles of maladaptive behaviours and negative thought patterns. In other words you can find out what is preventing you from changing your behaviour and driving negative thoughts.

The primary purpose of CBT is to break the cycle of unhelpful habits and behavioural patterns to identify what sorts of negative thoughts might be contributing to the problems a person is experiencing. CBT deals with the here and now and looks at practical ways to improve your mental health, it can help to address negative thinking and alter a person’s behaviour for the better. 

By becoming aware of patterns of thinking and behaving and identifying alternatives, distress and anxiety levels can be reduced and mood levels enhanced. The skills learnt in CBT can be applied to your daily life and many other situations outside of therapy, and lead to lifelong change.


CBT as form of therapy is most effective in making you accept and understand that you can change things in your life just by changing your thoughts. This is vital because it enables you to understand that altering your own thought process has the power to affect positive change.

CBT enables you to learn techniques that can further help you to cope with stressful life situations and manage your emotions optimally. It is also beneficial for resolving relationship conflicts and teaching you better ways to communicate.

CBT is beneficial for many mental health problem diagnosis such as anxiety, depression, panic disorder, OCD, PTSD and sleep problems.


What is CBT?

CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a treatment that provides hands-on and practical problem solving. It aims to change patterns of thinking or behaviour, areas that contribute to people’s difficulties and how they feel. At Select Psychology we use CBT to help treat a range of people’s problems or difficulties. For more information, get in touch today.

What is CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy used for?

CBT is a talking therapy that is used for helping and supporting to manage problems, as well as the way you think and behave. It tends to be used to help support depression and anxiety, it can also be used for other conditions and disorders including bipolar, personality disorder, eating disorders, OCD, phobias and insomnia.

Can you provide CBT in Newcastle?

At Select Psychology, we provide a full CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy service in and around Newcastle, we understand that some people struggle and experience tough times. It can feel overwhelming and our CBT is known for helping people to overcome these feelings. The Select Psychology Cognitive Behavioural Therapy team will help you to reflect, resolve and address conflict and issues. For CBT in Newcastle, call today.

Can you have CBT online?

Yes CBT can be provided online and is effective in treating a range of psychological difficulties. Having therapy online is convenient, however, online CBT it is not without its limitations and to confirm if this is suited to your particular situation please contact us to or book a free telephone consultation.  

Are you a private CBT service in Newcastle?

Yes we offer a private CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy service across Newcastle and the surrounding areas our private therapists aim to support individuals with any issues or problems that they feel are affecting them. Our team will provide a place where you can speak freely and discuss any feelings. Our private service is confidential and respectful and will provide a supportive place for clients to discuss anything that they feel is affecting them.

Do you offer talking therapies services in Newcastle?

Yes, we are home to a team of professionals who specialise in providing a friendly, reliable and confidential service. All of our talk therapy services are supportive and will help you to move forward in a positive way. From our Newcastle clinic you will receive services that are flexible, accessible and discreet. At Select Psychology will ensure quality therapy service that will meet all of your requirements. Our psychologists and therapist team come with years of experience and offer talk therapy and CBT – Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, to both adults and children.