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If you are looking for room hire services in Tynemouth or Newcastle upon Tyne (Gosforth), then we have a solution for you. Our spaces are great for meetings, consultations, therapy or training.


Situated in a historic and Georgian house in Tynemouth, we offer a suite of therapy rooms with a confidential, relaxed and welcoming environment. Our room sizes are varied. Our larger rooms can hold up to 10 people, suitable for training. While our smaller rooms are suitable for one to one consultations, meetings or therapy.

With room hire at Tynemouth, you can take advantage of a dedicated reception and waiting area, which has self-service tea and coffee making facilities.

There is free parking nearby, it is a few minutes walk to Tynemouth Metro station and on popular bus routes, so our location is easily accessible. Click here to view our location on a map.

We offer room hire in Tynemouth for a one-off or an ongoing basis with sessions available morning, afternoon and evening.  Contact our team today to find out availability and prices.


Travelling by…

Car: Located on the A193. There is free parking available in the surrounding streets during weekdays and also a paid carpark overlooking the coast a short walk away too.

Bus: Across the road from a bus stop for the the 1 and 1A bus routes. The 306 bus also stops at a bus stop near the centre of town, just a few minutes walk away.

Metro: Less than a 5 minute walk from Tynemouth Metro Station.


Our Gosforth clinic is situated within the Regent Centre business park just north of Gosforth High Street. It is located a short journey away from the Newcastle city centre. The consulting rooms are within the Grainger Suite, Dobson House. In addition to providing a confidential, relaxed, and welcoming environment, our rooms in Gosforth come equipped with an internet connection for carrying out therapy online as well as offline. 

The Dobson reception is open between 9.00 am –  5.00 pm. However, rooms can be booked for as late as 8.00 pm. You will need an access code to enter the building after 5.00 pm as it is locked for security reasons. If you have an appointment scheduled at 5.00 pm or later please request the access code by contacting us on 01912580008 or [email protected].


Travelling by…

Car: Dobson House is accessed via the roundabout on Regent Farm Road within the Regent Centre.

Parking: It is best to access our helpful directions with a map to navigate parking. Parking is free for 1 hour with a 10 minutes grace period. Should you require longer than this, there is a charge of £1 per hour.

Bus: The Regent Centre Bus Station is a 5 minute walk to the Dobson House entrance.

Metro: Travel to Regent Centre Metro station and then a 5 minute walk to the Dobson house entrance.



Simple and Easy to Manage

It can certainly be busy running your own therapy practice so we try to make it as easy as possible to organise your rooms. So you can organise your rooms with user friendly software making new booking and changes quick and easy. Payments for rooms are also automated by credit/debit card so less admin and hassle handling and paying bills. 


Great Locations for Meeting your Clients

Location is everything when serving your face to face clients. So we offer locations that are well connected to transport systems and are perfect for serving the surrounding areas of Newcastle (even into Northumberland) and the Tyneside Coast. Parking is available a short walking distance from the room locations.


Excellent Rooms and Ideal for Therapy 

Finding the right space for therapy can be challenging as it needs to be well suited and safe for such as sensitive practice. Thats why we have carefully selected our therapy rooms to make sure they are well suited to talking therapy. We take pride in the standard of our therapy rooms and clients have found them to be comfortable and safe spaces that help them to feel at ease.  



Our standard fees for a room booking starts from £13.25 per hour and a sliding-scale discount for bookings of 2 hours and above, with room fees as low as £8.00 per hour for regular bookings. You can contact our team today to find out exact availability and prices.

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