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The world in which we live in can be a complex place, and the demands of work, family and social obligations are leading to an increasing number of people presenting with the symptoms of anxiety and or depression. Anxiety and depression can be just as debilitating as any physical illness, and it’s important that you receive the correct treatment and support for your condition as soon as possible.

Select Psychology, is a psychologist in Newcastle, based at our clinic in Tynemouth, just a 20-minute drive from the city centre, and we can help you find a way of coping with depression and anxiety and the symptoms that come with them.

We want to help provide genuine relief for those suffering from mental health issues, we have brought together a team of specialists who practice a range of therapies, including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and various types of counselling sessions.

First, though, it may help if you can identify that what you are suffering from is a form of depression or anxiety. Many people suffer unnecessarily for weeks, months or even years before realising that they have a serious condition and seeking help from a private psychologist in the Newcastle area to help manage it. There really is no need to suffer in silence though, and getting the help and support you need will put you on the path to achieving better health and quality of life.

What are the symptoms of anxiety?

The most obvious signs of an anxiety disorder are probably panic attacks, debilitating periods that can leave you unable to breathe, think rationally or face the world. There are other symptoms though that may be less obvious at first, such as excessive worrying, a loss of appetite, a general feeling of unease, paranoia and even pains and lasting tension in the stomach and abdomen. Each of these symptoms can impact on your life and should be examined out without delay.

How can I tell if I am affected by depression?

Depression is a hugely complicated condition that affects each and every sufferer differently, from the symptoms that they experience to the amount of time that episodes last for. General symptoms of depression include difficulty concentrating and making decisions, a loss of energy, negative thoughts and attitudes towards others, feelings of guilt and worthlessness, insomnia and an inability to cope with day-to-day life. Suicidal thoughts are arguably the most dangerous symptom, and as a private psychologist in the Newcastle Area, we would urge anyone suffering from them to seek help immediately.

How can CBT and counselling work?

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT ) focuses on the here and now of your difficulties as well as any particular triggers and maintaining factors. What really makes CBT such an effective therapy, however, is how it encourages individuals to look for positive solutions and ways to break the patterns that are causing the anxiety or depression. The aim of CBT is to help make seemingly overwhelming problems more manageable by breaking them down into smaller issues and identifying ways to cope with them now and in future.

Using CBT and counselling, we believe that we can help you to manage and deal with depression and anxiety, getting your life back on track in the process. We are a psychologist in Newcastle, located just a 20-minute drive from Newcastle’s city centre in Tynemouth.

For more information about our therapy services for anxiety and depression, please contact Select Psychology.