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With the decision to seek mental health support, there comes a plethora of information, options and confusion! This can seem quite overwhelming and even scary. An easy way to begin sorting this out is to simply search ‘psychologists near me’.

Using Google to search for clinical psychologists nearby  is a convenient way to get an idea about therapy service providers near you. But it is important to know what to look for after the results pop up. In this blog, we will give you a step-by-step guide for things to keep in mind after you search ‘psychologists near me’.

Step 1: Ask Yourself: What Do I Need?


Knowing the reason behind seeking therapy is important in identifying the kind of therapist and therapy that will be best-suited for your needs. Ask yourself: do you need support with anxiety, depression, relationship problems, chronic pain or something else? Identifying what you need therapy for will help you narrow down your search for psychologists near me.

If you are unsure of what kind of support you need, thats understandable as it can sometimes be difficult to understand wha you are feeling, especially if you are experiencing distress. If you don’t know what mental health support you need, you can choose a service that can provide guidance, triage or assessment. That way you can understand more about the difficulties you are experiencing and from this gain a clearer idea about the options for therapy and the most appropriate therapist.

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Step 2: More Knowledge Means Less Confusion

After searching for ‘psychologists near me’ and finding some options, you can read up on the types of therapists and therapies out there today can further help you better assess who and what kind of therapy will suit you. For example, there are different types of therapists such as psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, counsellors and so on. Similarly, there are various types of therapies which stem from different approaches. Some of these are Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), mindfulness-based therapy, psychodynamic therapy and more. Researching these can help you understand what aligns with your preferences and goals.

If you are finding the process of this research overwhelming or time consuming, you can speed up the process by getting in touch with a service that can guide you on what would help, specific to your particular needs. At Select Psychology we offer this service for every new enquiry, there is no obligation to book with us and we will always guide on other pathways where we cannot assist you directly. If you would like to start this process you can enquire – here.

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Step 3: Check for Qualifications and Accreditations


Ensuring that the psychologists near you are licensed and have appropriate qualifications can further reassure you about their expertise. For instance, in the UK look for a psychologist is registered with a professional body, like the British Psychological Society or the Health and Care Professions Council (HPCC). It shows that they are committed to upholding strong ethical standards. By doing so, you will be rest assured that they have the appropriate qualifications, training and skills to act as that type of therapist.

At Select Psychology, all our therapists are qualified, fully trained, licensed and registered to provide mental health support. Meet our therapists where you can learn more about their qualifications and accreditations and professional background.


Step 4: Book a Session With the Psychologist

Once you have found the therapist for your needs and situation, go ahead and book your first appointment. Research shows that the relationship you build with your therapist is vital to the success of therapy. Hence, after your research to find the right psychologist, book a session to make a start assess compatibility and begin building the relationship. Booking a session will help you get a better sense of how they work and if you might work well together. Making a commitment to book a session can sometimes feel difficult, but by taking this action you will make a further positive step towards better mental health.

Step 5: Essential Skills Check

After your first session, it is important to ensure that the psychologist you chose has the right skills to provide you with the support you need. The bond you build with your therapist impacts your progress, therefore it is important to find a psychologist you feel comfortable with. Though every psychologist has their own method of carrying out therapy sessions, there are some questions that can easily help you assess your comfort with them:

  • Was it easy to speak to them?
  • Did you feel like they were listening to you?
  • Was the environment welcoming and comfortable?
  • Did you feel safe with them, like you will not be judged no matter what?
  • Was their behaviour appropriate?
  • Would you feel comfortable sharing details of your life with them?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and make sure that the goals your therapist is identifying align with those that you set out when you began your journey.

Often people connect well with their therapist and form a helpful and trusting relationship. If you start therapy and you do not feel that you are making a good connection with your therapist, share this with them as a means of giving feedback. If you are accessing the services of a clinic with multiple psychologists you may be able to discuss the transfer to another therapist to continue the work.


When searching ‘psychologists near me’ it is important to research  the psychologists’ qualifications, accreditations, expertise and skills. Don’t be afraid to try. Book a session and begin your mental health journey. Remember it is completely okay to meet with a psychologist, ask them questions to assess whether they will be a good fit and decide not to work with them.

While the steps listed above might help, finding the right psychologist near you sometime takes more than one attempt–it is important to not give up after one failed attempt! Deciding to seek support is brave and taking steps for it can feel empowering as it pushes you to move towards wellness.

You can come a step closer to finding the right psychologist for yourself today by booking a free telephone consultation.