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Did you know that we’ve just reached the end of Mental Health Awareness week? Hopefully, you will have seen a lot more discussion around mental health and how to support those who are suffering from a mental health condition and we can start to lift the stigma that still prevails around this.

As a private psychologist in Newcastle, we know that mental health issues are as broad and varied as physical ailments, and affect people in a number of different ways. The severity of symptoms can also change over time and differ from person to person. One in six people suffer from a mental health issue, too often in silence, and with 6,188 mental-health related suicides in the UK in 2015, it would help if we could discuss such issues more openly.

Princes William and Harry have opened up about their own battles with mental health issues to spearhead Mental Health Awareness Week with the Heads Together Campaign. The young Princes have spoken in great depth about how the death of their mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, continues to affect them to this day. If two such high profile young men, who regularly share the world’s stage with political and spiritual leaders, can talk about such things then hopefully we really are turning a corner towards a world where mental health is more readily acknowledged and addressed.

As well as giving interviews and using public appearances to discuss mental health and rising male suicide rates, the three royals are using the Heads Together campaign to raise money and provide much-needed funding for mental health services. Heads Together was even named the 2017 Virgin Money London Marathon Charity of the Year, so as you can imagine the campaign is already off to a fantastic start.

Select Psychology is a private psychologist in Newcastle. If you are struggling to cope with a mental health issue, then we can help with our confidential psychology service. It’s our goal to ensure that prompt, accessible therapy is provided to absolutely anybody who needs it, with treatments and talking-based therapies carried out in a supportive and calming space.

All of our therapists at Select Psychology are members of the British Psychological Society and are also registered with the Health & Care Professionals Council, an independent regulatory group that ensures high standards of care across the UK.

There’s never been a better time to talk about mental health and access the talking therapy that you may need. Our team are ready to help you on the road to better mental health as soon as you are ready to take that first step.

If you’re ready to talk and would like to organise an initial appointment, call us on 0191 258 0008 or 07740950788, or book online.