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Mental Health Awareness Week

The first half of 2019 has been a busy one which has seen us grow to offer our services at more clinic locations and recruit several new team members. We’re also set to open two new therapy rooms at our flagship clinic this week. We thought what better time than Mental Health Awareness Week!

Our number of clinics has gone from 3 to 9 since the turn of the year. We’ve introduced locations like Sunderland, Durham and Hexham. We now cover the North East, North West and Yorkshire, with clinics as far north as Alnwick and as far south as the York City!

We have also appointed 6 more associate therapists in order to cover the new locations. Their profiles will be getting added to the ‘Our Team‘ page very soon. Our office team has also doubled in size to from 2 to 4 staff to support the new clinics.

The work we’ve been carrying out work at our Tynemouth clinic has created two new therapy rooms in the attic space. The additional rooms mean this clinic now has 5 therapy spaces. We’ve decided to open them this week to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week, which runs 13-20th May and invites people to get talking about mental health – something at the heart of what we do.

No stigma whatsoever.

It is very encouraging to see more people now seeking help with their mental health. Our expansion is thanks, in part, to increased awareness and decreased stigma surrounding mental health, which is aided by things like Mental Health Awareness Week. It is our vision to make going to therapy just like popping to the dentist, with no stigma whatsoever. We believe expanding our offering and having clinics available across the North will aid our goal of normalising therapy. We want people to feel comfortable coming forward for help. Thus improving people’s well-being and lives as a result.

We’re hopeful now we’ve taken these steps, we’ll improve access to our services and be able to help far more people across the North than ever before.