What is therapy?

Following on from your assessment, where you and your psychologist will have worked on gaining an understanding about the difficulties you are facing, you will move onto therapy.

Appointments are 50 minutes and can be anything from weekly to monthly, depending on your individual circumstances.

There are many different types of therapy available to you and you will have had a discussion with your psychologist about the approach that will be most suited to your needs. Some therapies will focus on the here and now and will help you to problem solve the issues that are holding you back in your day to day life, others may take you back to previous life events, such as trauma, that have had a long term impact upon your well being.

Whichever course of therapy you decide upon, by the end you should have a clearer understanding about your own thinking and behaviour, a better ability to understand and resolve your problems and an improvement in your quality of life.


How Therapy Works