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If you require relationship counselling in Newcastle, at Select Psychology we have got you covered. Our professional team can always be on hand to provide you with a range of relationship and marriage counselling services and therapies, our counsellors also operate their services across Newcastle and the surrounding areas. Our expert relationship counsellors can assist with any issues or problems that you may have or may be experiencing in your relationship or marriage, this also includes mental health problems and your mind, the marriage counselling and couples therapy services that we provide aim to help you to overcome any problems that you may have, in a positive way. The relationship counselling clinic that we provide is available to individuals and couples across Newcastle and is suitable for those who are looking for local relationship or marriage counselling. When you choose Select Psychology we are home to a team of dedicated professionals who specialise in couples, marriage and relationship therapy, what’s more is, our relationship counsellors are all fully accredited and registered. Should you have any queries or questions or require any further information regarding our relationship and marriage counsellor services, please contact Select Psychology in Newcastle today.



Most relationships will come under stress at some time, there are a number of reasons why including experiencing a painful event, an affair or if couples realise that they have grown apart. Or in some cases, couples may seek relationship therapy or marriage counselling due to financial situations, physical or mental health issues, loss, grief, extended families, poor communication, careers, influence from family members, domestic abuse, ageing or the understanding of each other. If these issues are left unattended, it can cause difficulties in a relationship and mean that it could deteriorate completely. At Select Psychology relationship and marriage counselling or couples therapy involves therapeutically helping those in a relationship or marriage to recognise any differences, as well as ways to manage them. The services that we provide in Newcastle aim to acknowledge each person’s unique personality as well as their perception, history and their values, and then putting into place a way to move forward that suits the couple and their relationship. For more information on the relationship counselling and couples therapy that we offer across Newcastle, simply call our team for a free consultation today.


For couples and relationship counselling in Newcastle, get in touch with Select Psychology today, we can offer a full relationship therapy and counsellor service. When it comes to dealing with issues in your marriage or relationship, we understand that it’s extremely difficult, but we are highly experienced and here to provide you with help and support. The marriage counselling that we provide across Newcastle is to help you to rebuild your relationship and support you staying together, it may be that you decide to separate, but counselling can help you to do this in an amicable way. In the majority of cases, the way forward will be couples counselling and relationship therapy , it is important to consider that it will take work and effort from both parties and acceptance tends to be a long process that can be difficult at some points.



Whether you are married, cohabiting or living separately, all couples struggle and go through difficult times. Sometimes these struggles can feel overwhelming. If you are in a long term partnership, “marriage counselling” or “relationship therapy” gives you the time and space to reflect on maladaptive patterns of behaviour that may have developed, that can impact on a couple’s ability to resolve issues and manage conflict. Each partner will have space to have their story heard and understood to support the couple in creating a new understanding of their relationship, which in turn will give rise to new possibilities.

There may be times when it does not feel possible for both parties to access counselling together or one party does not wish to and there are no barriers to individual counselling for relationship problems.


Improving communication enhances your understanding of each other, reducing conflict and enabling resolution of difference through negotiation and compromise. This is equally important whether the couple stay together or decide they are better apart.



What is couples counselling?

Couples counselling involves a counsellor or therapist who will provide neutral ground where couples can work through any issues that they may have with support. It provides a way to help rebuild their relationship or marriage and make a new commitment. For more information or to book a session, please call our team today.

What is couples therapy used for?

Couples therapy is psychotherapy where a therapist will work with couples, helping them to gain insight into their relationship, improve relationship satisfaction and resolve any issues. For more information, please get in touch with our team of professionals today.

Can you provide relationship counselling in Newcastle?

At Select Psychology, we provide relationship counselling and relationship therapy services in and around Newcastle, we understand that some people struggle and experience tough times. It can feel overwhelming and our couples counselling is known for helping couples to overcome these feelings. The Select Psychology team will help you to reflect, resolve and address conflict and issues. For relationship counselling in Newcastle, call today.

Are you a relationship counselling service in Newcastle?

Yes we offer a relationship counselling service across Newcastle and the surrounding areas our private therapists aim to support couples with any issues or problems that they feel are affecting them. Our team will provide a place where you can speak freely and discuss any feelings. Our service is confidential and respectful and will provide a supportive place for clients to discuss anything that they feel is affecting them.

Do you offer relationship therapy services in Newcastle?

Yes, we are home to a team of professional therapists who specialise in providing a reliable, friendly and confidential service. All of our couples and relationship therapy services are supportive and will help you to move forward in a positive way. From our Newcastle clinic you will receive services that are flexible, accessible and discreet. At Select Psychology we will work hard to ensure a quality couples therapy service that will meet all of your requirements.