What is child psychology and adolescent psychology?

Children of all ages can develop mental health difficulties. They can occur because of things that may have happened in the past, or because there are stressful events affecting them in the present time. It can be difficult to know where to turn in order to help.

Sometimes (depending on the age of the child) these difficulties may manifest as behavioural problems and or failure to thrive in school. Young children, due to their developmental inexperience may not have the words to describe how they feel. Life and their experiences can be confusing for them, as they navigate the complex process of learning to make sense of feelings, and talk about them.

Child psychology and adolescent psychology is the understanding of a child’s physical, emotional and cognitive development and the changes they undergo from birth to 18 years old. Child psychologists aim to make sense of how your child thinks, interacts and responds emotionally to the world around them and helps children who may have difficulties in any of these areas to make adjustments that will support their development.

Our child psychologists 

Our Clinical child Psychologists have particular expertise working with children and families to understand and make sense of a child’s difficulties.

They undertake thorough assessments, and listen carefully to your presenting concern, and together with the child and family agree the most appropriate way forward. It is a collaborative, non-blaming, supportive and containing experience.

Child psychologists may specialise in a particular areas of childhood development such as autism, ADHD or neurological conditions.

What are the benefits?

Many children will experience bumps along the road to growing up but if you are concerned that there are issues that are impacting upon your child’s level of functioning or happiness it may be that they need some help. Understanding what is happening for them and identifying strategies to cope not only helps with the here and now but can help your child to build a more resilient base from which to tackle life in the future.

What issues can it help with?

To understand more about this service and to find out if this is the right therapy for your child, you can arrange a free confidential 15 telephone consultation.

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