What is anxiety?

Generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) is a common disorder that involves chronic worrying, nervousness and tension. We all experience situations from time to time that make us fearful and apprehensive. However, for some people their anxiety has no obvious cause or is disproportionate and excessive to the concern. In these cases, it can become overwhelming and life becomes a constant state of fear, worry and dread. Eventually, if left untreated, anxiety dominates a persons thinking so much that it can interfere with normal day to day functioning and may lead to avoidance of regular activities.

The difference between “normal” worrying and generalised anxiety disorder is that the worrying involved in GAD is:

  • Excessive
  • Intrusive
  • Persistent
  • Disruptive

What are the symptoms?

If you suffer with GAD, you may experience some or all of these:

  • Excessive, ongoing worry and tension
  • Irritability
  • A sense of dread
  • Feeling constantly on edge
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep
  • Feeling sick
  • Noticeably strong, fast or irregular heartbeat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Dry mouth 

What therapies can help?

There are a number of talking therapies that be used as a treatment for anxiety, including…

We offer the above therapies to help treat GAD and also offer a free 15 minute private and confidential telephone consultation to chat through what you’re experiencing and how we may be able to help.

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