Pre & Post Surgery psychological assessment

If you are considering bariatric or cosmetic surgery you may be advised by your surgeon to have a pre-surgery psychological assessment. Insurance companies may also require this as a prerequisite to surgery.

Surgery can be stressful and it usually involves making a permanent alteration to your body, so it is important that you are adequately prepared for this, both physically and emotionally. Early identification of any potential stumbling blocks allows you to consider the changes you may need to make to ensure the best chance of a successful surgical outcome. A pre operative psychological evaluation will seek an exploration and understanding of:

  • Your motivation/reasons for surgery
  • Your expectations for the outcome and understanding of the risks and potential side effects
  • Your current lifestyle (e.g. eating patterns, sleep, exercise, smoking, drinking) and any relevant background history relating to this
  • Your understanding and motivation/ability to make the necessary lifestyle changes required (for example, maintaining a healthy diet, exercise, supplements for life)
  • Your current life situation including work, family and your support network
  • Your ability to cope with stress/adverse events
  • Any current or previous psychological issues that could potentially interfere with your adjustment to surgery/ surgical outcome
  • Eating related problems (e.g. eating disorder, binge eating; emotional eating)
  • Other psychological issues (e.g. depression, anxiety, alcohol abuse, self-harm)

At the end of the assessment, the psychologist will discuss any recommendations and the on-going treatment options available to you.

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