What is mindfulness? 

Mindfulness means paying attention to the present moment in a non judgemental way. It can be a type of stress management and in essence it trains your brain to notice thoughts, physical sensations, sounds, sights, smells-anything that is present around us at that moment in time. It encourages us to notice the things that we don’t normally see as our heads are too busy in the future or in the past. Being mindful helps to train our attention and once we can gain more control over what we focus on we can learn to take more control over thoughts that may be distressing and can often be dominating.

This is achieved through meditation techniques such as body scanning- a practice where participants are invited to focus on the sensation of their own body and any thoughts that pop up are acknowledged and ‘observed kindly’ before the mind is refocused back to the body. Other techniques taught focus on breathing and linking mental distress to physical sensations.

What are the benefits?

When your mind is in a state of relaxation on a regular basis it helps to increase your clarity and perception. This in turn can help you to regulate your emotions and manage uncomfortable thoughts and feelings in a calm way, allowing for more effective processing of these thoughts. People who practice mindfulness report lower levels of anxiety and depression and a more general sense of peace and well being.

What Issues can it help with?

You can arrange a free private and confidential 15 telephone consultation via our online calendar today. The consultation will help you decide if this is the right path for you.