Why attend a workshop?

Are you concerned that you may be developing a mental health problem, or is a family member’s behaviour concerning you? It is often difficult to know where to start and workshops are a cost and time effective way of dipping your toe into the complex waters of mental health care.

At select psychology we run a range of workshops that can be taken on their own, or as part of a course, with the aim of growing your understanding of the difficulties that you may be facing. Our highly trained psychologists are experts in the field and can guide you through the process enabling you to use this understanding to gain skills and create a toolbox of strategies that you can use to strengthen your resilience and deal more effectively with life stressors.

The benefits of workshops:

◦   Those who have better understanding of their difficulties are more likely to feel in control and will have a greater ability to work towards wellbeing.

◦   Being part of a group means that you can share information and resources.

◦   Questions will be asked that you may not have thought of and you will leave with a sense of learning together and a feeling of hope and strength.

◦   You can identify a set of goals and learning will continue long after the workshop has ended.

◦   It is a good place to start and can be used as a route into individual therapy.

◦   It can be used as a learning tool for family members who want to know more about loved ones difficulties and are looking for guidance about how to help.


We are running the following workshops: