What is family therapy?

All families have difficulties and conflict but there are times when this can feel overwhelming and negative patterns of communication develop, leading to further conflict and deteriorating relationships. Family therapy recognises and builds on the strengths and resources of the family. It seeks to be non-blaming and enables all family members to share their story and listen to others stories. Family therapy helps family members to empathise with one another and work together to make changes within family relationships and to manage conflict in a more healthy way.

Please note the word family is used in the context of a group of people who play supportive roles in each other lives, you do not have to be related or live together to be able to find help within this model of therapy. 

What are the benefits?

Family therapy can help you to find a way of dealing with difficult situations within your family and enable you to work together and build stronger relationships. It identifies strengths and weaknesses within the family system and devises strategies to resolve problems and develop communication skills.

What issues can it help with?

You can arrange a free private and confidential 15 telephone consultation via our online calendar today. The consultation will help you decide if this is the right path for you.