Weight Management 

Overweight conditions and obesity are experienced by a growing number of people of all ages. If you find yourself in the vicious cycle of attempting to diet only to fall off the wagon several days or weeks later, then you’re not alone!

It is recognised that losing weight is often very difficult and there can be important psychological components to eating that are overlooked.

Psychological problems can affect an individual’s ability to make and sustain the behavioural changes that lead to weight loss. Such difficulties are frequently overlooked and may require management. If a difficulty in losing weight and keeping it off sounds familiar, then you may well benefit from one-to-one sessions covering topics such as body image, low self-esteem, stress and emotional eating.

Therapy sessions typically incorporate basic cognitive restructuring and problem-solving skills to help you:

– Reframe faulty thoughts about food, eating, your body and yourself
– To help you to establish a regular pattern of eating
– To learn about self-care
– Set clear limits with oneself and with others, and maintain clear boundaries
– Understand the basic principles of healthy eating, including the consequences of food deprivation
– Understand the basic principles of habit formation and habit change
– How to replace negative eating habits with other, more pleasurable activities
– How to assume a lifestyle consistent with long-term weight loss maintenance
– Manage stress effectively

Pre-surgery psychological assessment

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