Post traumatic stress disorder

Post traumatic stress disorder can occur after a significant incident that is out of the ordinary. A person involved in such an event might have witnessed an accident or death. You might have been in danger of this yourself. It could have been a large scale disaster, or a small but significant accident. For example:

  • Being attacked or assaulted
  • A road traffic accident
  • A house fire
  • An incident at work
  • A natural disaster

An initial reaction to such an event might be shock and disbelief. Over time this can fade. More troubling thoughts and feelings can then emerge. These might include anger, helplessness or fear. It can be difficult to process your memories of the event, or understand what happened and why. You might re-experience the incident through intrusive flashbacks or nightmares. Following such an experience, it is also common to avoid things that remind you of the incident. If you have experienced any of the above symptoms and they are impacting on your normal day to day life, then you may find talking to a trained therapist helpful.

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