What is marriage counselling or relationship therapy?

Whether you are married, cohabiting or live separately, all couples struggle and go through difficult times. Sometimes these struggles can feel overwhelming. If you are in a long term partnership, “marriage counselling” or “relationship therapy” gives you the time and space to reflect on maladaptive patterns of behaviour that may have developed, that can impact on a couple’s ability to resolve issues and manage conflict. Each partner will have space to have their story heard and understood to support the couple in creating a new understanding of their relationship, which in turn will give rise to new possibilities.

There may be times when it does not feel possible for both parties to access counselling together or one party does not wish to and there are no barriers to individual counselling for relationship problems.

What are the benefits of marriage counselling or relationship therapy?

Improving communication enhances your understanding of each other, reducing conflict and enabling resolution of difference through negotiation and compromise. This is equally important whether the couple stay together or decide they are better apart.

What issues can it help with?

Relationship difficulties

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