Looking for a counselling psychologist?

Counsellor in Newcastle

If you are looking for a counselling psychologist, then we can help you!  We offer a range of therapies to help our patients overcome various mental health issues.

Our clinics are based in Jesmond, Gosforth and Tynemouth, meaning easy access for anyone in the North East of England that is looking for a help.

We have a strong team of therapists that are registered with various health insurers, meaning if you have a health insurance policy your payments could be covered by your scheme.

The difference between a counsellor and psychologist

People often confuse these terms. The key point of difference is a counsellor deals with issues that are not as complex as a psychologist would.

We have both counsellors and psychologists on our team and will signpost you to the therapist that is right for you. For more information on the difference between a counsellor and a psychologist, click here.

What to expect

All individuals entering into therapy with a counselling psychologist will have an initial assessment. Their assigned therapist who will take a history of your problems and relevant past history.

This will include exploration of your mood, thoughts and feelings, life events that may have impacted upon these and current stressors that may be maintaining your difficulties.

Arrange a free consultation

To make sure our services are right for you and to assign the right counselling psychologist to you, we offer a free 15 minute private and confidential telephone consultation. You can simply book this online:

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Our counsellors and psychologists

Our therapists are registered with the Health & Care Professions Council, an independent, UK-wide regulatory body responsible for setting and maintaining standards in care. All our psychologists are either members of or chartered with the British Psychological Society. Also, our counsellors are British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) accredited.

We have a positive, forward-looking approach to therapy, keeping up to date with the latest developments in psychological practice and helping you to manage your feelings and stress.

Our principles of practice emphasise mutual trust, respect, confidentiality and compassion.