What is Remote Therapy & How does it work?

by | Mar 30, 2020 | Uncategorized

Following government guidelines we are not currently offering face to face appointments, however we are offering remote therapy.

We recognise the importance of being able to access therapy at this difficult time and we are continuing to offer our full range of services via secure web cam or telephone.

How remote therapy works

You may be wondering how remote therapy works, as opposed to face to face.

Below is a guide to how you can book a free telephone consultation and begin:

  1. You can either go to our website or ring us to book in for a free telephone consultation at a specified time to suit you.
  2. Our triage specialist will have a friendly chat with you to understand what you are wanting help with and advise on the best course of action.
  3. We will then book you in with one of our therapists for an initial assessment: You will be asked if you prefer telephone or video link for your session.
  4. Following on from your initial assessment you and your therapist will discuss a treatment plan, and book in for your next session as needed.

Preparing for your session

You can follow these simple guidelines to get the best experience from your telephone or video link session:

  • Make sure you are in a room or space where no-one else can hear or see you. Some people like to sit in their car.
  • Keep all doors shut if necessary.
  • Ensure there are no disruptions. E.g
    • Silence any other devices that may ring,
    • Turn off the TV,
    • Make sure children are occupied
    • Ensure any others in the household are out of ear shot
    • Any pets are fed and watered
  • Have headphones ready in case you need to use them
  • Have some refreshments nearby, such as a glass of water or a cup of coffee
  • Have a note pad and paper incase you would like to write something down
  • If you are having your session via video link, try an have it set up ready, also keep your head and shoulders in the view you have on the screen 

Feel free to call us or use our online calendar to book